Prizefighter: A Project Incubated by Oddiyana Ventures

  1. Fundraising
  • Connecting Battle Saga to potential Venture Capitalists, Investors and Partners
  • Introducing to IDO launchpads and exchanges for CEX Listing
  • Ensuring successful pre-sale launch and post-sale maintenance
  • Community marketing via diverse social media channels
  • Organising AMAs and interviews
  • Connecting to Influencers and KOLs
  • Uncovering potential growth in the Gaming, Blockchain and NFTs with legitimate and credible infrastructure
  • Offering advisory services on tokenomics, IDO and relevant aspects
  • Providing long-term strategic consultation and partnership with existing projects in the field especially those under Oddiyana Ventures’ portfolio



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Prizefighter is a play-to-earn boxing game built on Blockchain. For more info, visit :